Identity, Agency, and Blogging

Humanistic writing helps students begin to develop agency, the ability, power, and courage to begin crafting who they are.  I define humanistic writing as the ability to insert parts of oneself into a piece of writing instead of professional or dead writing where you need to stay objective.  However, objectivity is impossible for humans since... Continue Reading →

Why I chose the technology

I chose the different technology because I wanted to make a treasure hunt of sorts.  When I was teaching in the schools, my favorite thing to do was do what I called a Jeopardy lesson.  This is where the first slide has a bunch of things that the students can learn about in whatever order... Continue Reading →

Web 3.0

What does Web 3.0 look like?  What are it's characteristics?  Web 3.0 has yet to be fully defined because we may be in the in-between stage. Some think that Web 3.0 will help us find information faster. What does the evolution of the internet have to do with Blogs?  Blogs offer a chance to express oneself... Continue Reading →

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