Thesis Proposal: Part XXII – FINAL PROPOSAL (#16)

Here it is, what you have all been waiting for (and have possibly read).  Here is my final proposal.  I will reflect on this whole process in January, but for now.     The subject of my thesis aims to illustrate how advocacy is rhetorically constructed in various contexts by various people. Autism Speaks describes... Continue Reading →

Thesis Proposal: Part XXI – Proposal 15

  Many of the rhetorical moves that I was being asked to use were and are not moves that I make.  When I asked about this, my advisor replied, "I'm trying to make you write in the dominant discourse." That week was a stressful blur that I only remember how hurt I was at having my writing... Continue Reading →

Thesis Proposal: Part XV – Proposal 10

One of the things that we discussed was moving away from the representation, narrative, image, and agency of autism.  We would do this by focusing on rhetorical theories - specifically, what Burke calls the Pentad. Everything is the same until the section: Exigency Awareness.   The subject of my thesis is how autism advocacy organizations... Continue Reading →

Thesis Proposal: Part XIII – Proposal 8

This proposal ended up being 19 pages single-spaced.  Still really long!  But, it was getting shorter.  I got it down 4 pages by cutting out just about everything from the rhetorical analysis on Wright's piece except for a few things here and there.  In my original, I pretty much went line-by-line in Wright's piece and... Continue Reading →

Thesis Proposal: Part XII – Proposal 7

I just wanted to let y'all know I'm defending my final thesis proposal today!  I'm terrified.  You'll be seeing the final thesis proposal in 9 days. At this point, my advisor told me to write for me, so I should write it for as many pages as I needed to. He also took the introduction from my previous proposal... Continue Reading →

Thesis Proposal: Part X – Proposal 5

So, this is the proposal that begins to look the most like what my final one looks like structure-wise (but still, there's not really anything in here that is still in my final thesis proposal). This was a big step for me because I ventured beyond just the introduction in this attempt. However, one thing... Continue Reading →

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