Awareness Months

We break to your usual programming (of live blogging Rhetoric of Science) to bring to you a disturbing rhetorical analysis. Hi, last Tuesday, I was looking at a calendar that had what each month's campaign was.  There were things like "Black history month," or "Chinese history month" or "LGBTQIAA history month."  But, then I saw... Continue Reading →

Free-Write: Person-First Language

This is the first post of what I expect will be many where I struggle to figure out whether I should use person first language or not. I earned my undergraduate degree in special education where it was drilled into me that the students who I teach are people first; therefore, I should use person... Continue Reading →

Slenderman the game for neurotypicals to understand autistic people. Slenderman the game for neurotypicals to understand autistic people. You start out in the corner of a playground.  Around you are children playing on the equipment.  Curiosity got the better of me, so I walked over to two of the children.  As I got closer, the screen began to get fuzzy and I looked... Continue Reading →

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