An Update on the Identity of my Thesis – Part 3

When my advisor and I met last week, I shared what I had written.  He pointed out rightly that it was good and consistent until I got to the Theory of Mind part. A few minutes in, I said something that reminded him of something that he had studied in his graduate program: Bruno Latour's idea... Continue Reading →

An Update on the Identity of my Thesis – Part 2: The TV Guide Listing of My Thesis

In my last post, I told you about what happened 3 weeks ago.  In this post, I will tell you what happened 2 weeks ago in my meeting with my thesis advisor. I started the meeting by admitting that I had no idea how to write the proposal.  He had provided me with an example,... Continue Reading →

Anglo-Saxon Philosophy: A precursor to Theory of Mind?

Anglo-Saxon philosophers have a centrifugal approach, i.e. they start from the important Lockean assumption that in the first instance it is the individual that achieves full knowledge, understanding and definition of himself. Once epistemologically constituted, the said individual proceeds to examine the variety of entities that surround him: trees, stones, horses and inter alia others which look... Continue Reading →

Discourse Analysis – Theory of Mind

Hey, so for the past five days, I have been writing a paper for one of my classes.  I am doing a discourse analysis of a blog that was written by a person who self-identifies as being autistic.  One of the things that I have been curious about is the writing characteristics of people with... Continue Reading →

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