Berthoff – Burke’s Terministic Screens

If we can learn to think of language not as a tool, a single-purpose facilitator, but as an instrument that lets us see in many different ways... Ann Berthoff's The Making of Meaning (p. 42) As soon as I read this quote, I immediately thought about Burke's Terministic Screens.  Burke says that the language that... Continue Reading →

Berthoff – Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo makes grammatical sense

If we are to teach our students to read for meaning--to construe and interpret and appreciate literary texts--the meaning of meaning most useful to us is that it is a means: speaking and writing, listening and reading all engage us in the making of meaning by means of language Ann Berthoff My immediate reaction to this... Continue Reading →

Berthoff – Sarcasm?

Strong statements lead us to choose one or the other as in “There are those who divide people into two groups and those who do not.”  Berthoff states: “It is not because they are two-valued that dichotomies are dangerous; it is because the categories they establish can so easily be confused with reality”(16). Reading the... Continue Reading →

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