Hawk – Entelechy and Identity

The Aristotelian concept of `entelechy, as an aim contained within the entity, is essentially a biological analogy. It is the title for the fact that the seed `implicitly contains' a future conforming to its nature, if the external conditions ditions necessary to such unfolding and fulfillment occur in the right order. Were you to think... Continue Reading →

Hawk – “Linguistic Herpes”

[George] Kennedy characterizes "Vitanzan Vitalism" as a type of "linguistic herpes" that comes and goes, "the historical tendency of rhetoric to slip from oral, civic, and rational discourse into written, poetic, composition with an emphasis on style" that privileges "expression over analysis" ("Some Reflections" 231)... That emotional fallacies such as associating someone with herpes come... Continue Reading →

Hawk – Obvious Terministic Screen

Rousseau also gave impetus to the subjective epistemologies of his century, favoring private, expressive, and intuitive models of discourse over formal, social or artificial ones... (emphasis added, Burton qtd. in Hawk) The terminist screen that is used in the quote above is surprisingly strong. ┬áTo say that Romanticism is intuitive while Vitalism is artificial is... Continue Reading →

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