It begins.

Today, I begin writing my thesis.  I don't know how far I will get, but I will be starting.  I may get one sentence in, but one sentence is more than I have right now. It has changed ever-so-slightly since I have gotten to know auto/autistethnographies much better in the last few weeks since Ibby... Continue Reading →

In Awe of the Awesome Autistic Community

I don't usually do this, but I want to reflect on all of the amazing stuff and people that I have seen and met since May. I look around at the Autistic Community and I have to say, I feel absolutely humbled.  The stuff that I have seen and read from Autistic Activists brings me to... Continue Reading →

A journey into the confusion

Every time I hear about or see the social model of disability, something doesn't quite seem right. However, i have not had the time to really try and figure out why. Now, i have a bit of time. I'm going to try and see why it doesn't seem right. Some of this may piss some... Continue Reading →

Thesis Proposal: Part XVIII – Proposal 13

I decided to stick with what I had for the Pentad despite the recommendations by my advisor because it supported the argument that I was trying to make: Autism Speaks is not an advocacy organization for autistic people because they demonize autistic people. During the meeting before this Proposal, my advisor told me that I needed... Continue Reading →

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