Double, Double, Toil and Trouble – Double Standards between Autistics and Neurotypicals

In 2001, Simon Baron-Cohen and a bunch of other people developed a test called "reading the mind in the eyes."  The test showed a picture of the upper part of a person's face (just their eyes) and the participant is supposed to choose one of four different possible emotions the eyes are telling them.  If... Continue Reading →

Medicating Autism: A Research Paper

Here is a paper that I wrote for my research paper in my community psychology class relating to autism.  It is on medications and autism.  There are probably grammatical errors or parts that don't quite make sense, but I just wanted to publish it after I wrote it (I'll probably update it with a revised... Continue Reading →

Medication and Autism – A study of Foucault

“If you can’t sit still during speech therapy, you’re attacking the teachers, you’re not going to be able to take advantage of it,” I am writing a paper right now on medication and autism for my psychology class.  One of the main things that is being attempted to medicate is the irritability and temper tantrums... Continue Reading →

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